In June 1812, President Madison declared war on England to stop their attacks on American ships and to open the seas to full trade.

On December 23, 1812 a British cargo ship was discovered to have 230 Yankee prisoners who had been captured in October. These Americans were the first documented American Prisoners of War and had experienced deplorable inhuman treatment.

Each American military conflict produces prisoners of war. Each experience produces the same results. Humans treating other humans worse than animals.

The Motts Military Museum has dedicated an entire section of its exhibit space to the tragic story of former Prisoners of War. From Andersonville Prison in Georgia to the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam, Motts Military Museum features the true life experiences of Americans held in captivity.

     These shoes were worn
     by Corwin R. Morey
     held by the Japanese
     in WWII. They were
     handmade by Corwin
     using tire treds.





    This gas mask case was
    carried by Capt. Sallie
    Durret, Army Nurse Corp,
    the entire time she
    was held captive by
    the Japanese in WWII
    from 1942 to 1945. Note
    the stitching at the bottom
    of the bag. Sallie hid her jewelry
    there to keep the Japanese from discovering it.