Tibbets Painting

Tibbets Painting

Above: General Paul Tibbets Jr. (center) with Museum Director Warren Motts and painter Sharon Visintine at the painting’s unveiling.

Until his death in November 2007, at the age of 92, the Motts Military Museum was honored to have General Paul W. Tibbets Jr. as a member of our Advisory Board.

General Tibbets will be remembered for piloting the Enola Gay, the B-29 superfortress that dropped the first atomic bomb ever used in combat.

He was a loyal supporter and was always willing to help us with fund raising events.

The Motts Military Museum displays the largest collection of Gen. Tibbets memorabilia including his full dress blue Air Force Brigadier General uniform and much more.


On March 3, 2001, General Paul Tibbets, Jr. was present at the museum for the unveiling of the first oil painting ever done of him. The painting was done by Sharon K. Visintine, of Columbus, Ohio and she donated it to the museum. He is painted in full dress uniform with all of his awards and decorations in place. No other image of the General exists with all of these awards and decorations applied.

In order for the painting to be accurate it was important to show the proper awards and decorations on his uniform. With the help of the General’s DD214 and the Air Force History Branch of the Pentagon, Washington DC, this was accomplished. The Awards and Decorations were obtained by 2Lt. Troy Shuffstall, M/Sgt. Dale Paul and M/Sgt. Don Porter and were donated to the Museum by the Officers Association, 121st Air Refueling Wing, Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, Groveport, Ohio.